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Spammers let in/Real people kept out.

  • joesegal


    For all the years I’ve been working with this great software project I have encountered the same problem and it’s the main thing keeping me from using Buddypress consistently.

    1. As soon as I allow registrations I am flooded with spammers selling knock off sunglasses and other “stuff” creating groups (I know I can limit group creation but I want people to create groups) and posting their spam all over my site. They seem to get around any antispam plugin I’ve tried!
    2. Real people who signup never get to use the site because their confirmation email either doesn’t get to them or isn’t seen by them because it goes straight to the spam box on their email client so I end up with a list of unactivated signups I have to manually approve but by that time most users have simply assumed my site is broken and abandoned it completely!

    So to recap the people I want in can’t get in and those I dont want in I can’t keep out.

    What do you all do about this assuming you’ve had the same happen to you?


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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