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  • mulligankm

    @mulligankm is a site devoted to special needs parents and caregivers.

    This is the 2nd of two site that I have put up this weekend. As the father of a special needs child, I am extremely excited to think of the possibilities of doing something positive that can help other special needs parents. Any and all advice and constructive criticism is welcome. Volunteers wanted! :)

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  • superbloggernl


    depending on your budget you could try some adsense to launch. A simple $ 1.00 a day 30 day campaign may get you thousands of exposures and probably 90-140 hits a month. It may be $ 30.00 well spent to at least get your name out. You’d be surprised … (just be prepared for visitors).

    On a critical note it may yet be too early to launch campaigns. You’ll probably want some more content first. (chicken and the egg).



    Thanks superbloggernl. I appreciate the advice. I agree. I’d be willing to spend $30 a month to get the word out. I also agree that I should get some content up first or my visitors are going to leave within seconds. Thanks again.

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