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Specific management for specific user types

  • SenhorLimao


    Hello everybody.

    I’m creating a SN with Buddypress and I have a problem with some questions.

    This SN must accept some different types of users that will get access to features of some other plugins.

    For example, a member of the type Person only have access to basic buddypress settings and pages to add to your profile. A gallery, the wall, the profile, etc, and each of this are accessible to other members according to the visibility defined by the user.
    In other case, a member of the type Shop must have access to e-commerce plugins to create his shop page in his profile. There will be listings, prices, ratings. A different set of pages. In this case, all accessible to all user by default. But different pages than the ones of a Person type member.
    If there are a Hotel type, the same applyes. Access to a booking plugin to add this option, pages for prices to each room, etc.
    The profile and page options will be different for each user type.
    That’s the issue I’m having. Couldn’t find any plugin to help with this. Does anyone know any hint to help me with this?


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  • teamindia



    Rimon Habib


    BuddyPress doesn’t have role based access management system for its components like WordPress roles, However, It has Member Type API now which is a potential lead to creating access management system using member type.
    I am actually working on creating this plugin, which will be extension of my another plugin,

    This plugin allows you to synchronize member types with WordPress user role, which is a potential way to control content based on Member type

    By the way, you can turn off friend, messaging features from BuddyPress settings. But I guess you are talking about interacting one specific type of users to that type of users only, in this case, you must need to use Member Type API anyway.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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