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Specific posts (post format) for listings

  • georgiades


    Hi all!

    I have the latest wordpress version with the latest buddypress version. I would like to create a “post format” so that my users can only publish a certain type of post. This format would have an image, small description, and other specific types. I want this because the users will be entrepreneurs who will publish their ventures/startups to the website and other users will be able to discover them. So let say I am a user, I will be able to create a post and in order for this post to be published, I must upload a logo, enter a small description, enter the number of years my startups has been operating, the number of employees etc. How can that be done? I am new to php and didn’t find a way of doing so with buddypress or a plugin.
    Thank you!
    Simon 🙂

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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