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Starting Out with BP_Group_Extension

  • I’m using the latest WP & BP on fresh installs and starting out with the BP_Group_Extension and using the code at and got everything working in about an hour to save some metadata for each group and display it in a new tab. It’s great!

    However, when I login as a non-admin user who is a member of the group, it does not show me the tab. I backed it up to just the code displayed on that page plus this for the display function and still get nothing. How do I show the output to all users and not just admins?

    function display() {
    /* Use this function to display the actual content of your group extension when the nav item is selected */
    global $bp;
    echo ‘Welcome to ‘.$bp->groups->current_group->name;


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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