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Steps for proper BuddyPress installation (including Spam protection)

  • simple-man



    Ok, basic wordpress theme is setup along with some empty pages and categories.

    Are these the proper steps to install the Buddypress:

    1. install Buddypress plugin
    2. install aksimet
    3. get aksimet key and activate it
    4. What other spam protection plugin should I use that will make sure that only humans are registering and no automatic script is registering members? FREE plugin suggestions please.
    5. What else should be done at this stage?

    Thank you very much.

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  • Henry Wright


    I’d agree with steps 1 to 3! With reference to 4, you could try installing a capcha plugin. It’s always better to stop spammers at the front door as opposed to trying to deal with them when they’re inside your house!

    5. What else should be done at this stage?

    Celebrate! 🙂



    I normally install a couple of plugins to deal with spammers and idiots.
    Wordfence and Better WP Security



    Thank you @Henry and @DennisBarkerCV for the suggestions.

    Please help me further about the following:

    1. Do both the Wordfence and Better WP security work ok with BuddyPress?
    2. Do I need both of these plugins?
    3. Does Better WP security impacts SEO and speed of your site because the plugin pages says it re-writes various URLs to make them hard to guess and more secure?
    4. Do I still need a Captcha login plugin? If yes, which one is good?
    5. Does it matter which sequence I install these plugins in?

    Thank you.



    One more thing: Do I need SSL on my server for ‘Better WP Security’?

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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