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Still Looking for simple Banner Plugin and Business Directory Plugin

  • Ben


    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of a simple banner plugin that I can create my own banners out of photoshop and post them on Buddypress underneath the header and as a side widget (no Adsense banners ect…) I tried a few but I am having a rough time, either they don’t work or I don’t understand. The one plugin says it was possible (I wish I remembered the name) and all the user would hve to do is to put in the HTML, (now it would be great if I new exactly what to do with instructions how to place the html, when I just have a gif file), but it had a weird code, mainly for Adsense and such. I just wish I found a plugin where it says upload image and I could load up 1-10 banners and modify their rotations and maximum clicks or ending date. The main purpose of making my own banners is to promote ad sales to run the site. I could easily make a couple hundred on a bar promoting there name in my town’s site rather then unecesary ads with penny clicks. The main thing is just displaying underneath the header or it could be anywhere I guess on the page, just as long as it is on every page if possible and can rote the banners.

    My next question is…Does anyone know of a simple business directory plug in. My site is a town site that has about 30,000 residents and it has about 2,000 businesses. It would be nice if they could register their own information and do a small write up and if that is not possible then just a simple plugin that I can add their info myself. Name, Phone Number, Email, Website, and a small Bio paragraph. I tried 2 plugins but they don’t seem to work, I wish I remembered the names.

    If I can get these two issues solved then I will be in business, this is basicly the only things holding me back now to start selling banners around the town and listing the businesses in a searchable way.

    Many Thanks

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  • While a plugin would be ideal, have you considered just using a script and a DIV block inserted into the header.php file of your theme? I use a jquery banner script – – on one site. It just cycles through four banners, each with links. BuddyPress already has jQuery in place, so I think it should work if you follow the guidance on the page re. the banner. Yes, it’s a quick and dirty solution – with no clever tracking within the site, but it is at least a solution!

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