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Still not working

  • virtualsouq



    I am new to buddypress and I am trying everything that I can to make this work on my website. So far, I have followed the instructions given by the BP compatibility plugin. The was unsuccessful. I changed my theme and have downloaded the beta 1.7 version of buddypress. I can see that the page is fine when i click on the activity option under admin dashboard. The widgets still show on the bottom of the screen although I have selected for full-width pages. Also, on the actual site, the member profile and all things buddypress are nowhere to be seen. I would like to create a community tab with the buddypress pages/tabs. That would be my main goal. However, I may need more guidance to accomplish this. Please help.

    Thank you.

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  • GordonRe


    Having been a newby 6 months ago and having set up a BP installation a couple of times now with a few months in between I would say that setting up Buddy Press involves following the instructions VERY carefully. BP 1.7 makes some of that easier but it is a touch more involved than installing and configuring a typical WP theme.

    Your post above is not very clear about what is and isn’t working. For the more technie guys to help you you should also provide your WP version, the theme you are using and your URL.

    One thing to check is if you have turned on the components that you need to do the things you want (given that BP 1.7 intstal leaves a good few of them turned off for the good reason that not everyone needs them).

    Look at the topics on this page to see if one addresses your problem:

    Sorry I can’t be more specific but a. I’m not an expert and b. you haven’t described in enough detail what you did, what you expected to see and what you aren’t seeing.

    Sorry this is not too much help.



    Thank you for that GordonRe. I will be more detailed from now and on. At the time, i am using WordPress3.5.1 i have downloaded the buddypress 1.7 beta version with the elegantthemes-lucid. I have looked at some of the links you have mentioned and I will start to read these documents more…as I learn more.

    1. At the time, I am seeing that the installation is fine but I am getting widgets on the bottom of the screen. I would like to remove these widgets. Widgets in page

    2. When i click on the “activation” page, it prompts me to enter my activation key…
    activation page

    3. As of now, i am not seeing Buddypress on the home page, but i would like to add a community tab that will lead to all the buddy press features. Please see illustration. Is there a way to do this?
    Community Tab

    I know I am asking for a lot at once but I would appreciate any help with any of the above!

    Thank you! =)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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