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Stumped: Profile Image … Gone…

  • wasanajones


    this one will challenge the most experienced gurus

    WP Multisite
    Buddypress Network Activated
    Working fine… until…

    I somehow caused a perfect storm of conflicts

    I’ll spare you details of all the missteps that went into this mess, but

    the Profile Photo does not display on primary main site frontend or user extended edit page in both mainsite user admin or Network user admin – the edit box simply isn’t there in extended profile edit

    what is crazy is Profile Photo displays fine on subsites including admin

    I’ve done all the standard stuff from deactivating, deleting, clearing, repairing… everything I can think of to find where there might be a

    setting that turns off the admin user profile photo

    I’ve had a ton of plugins activated/deleted, so I’m thinking there is some legacy code lingering like a festering splinter in the database somewhere, but I can’t imagine where or what to look for

    any ideas?

    thanks for any help

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  • shanebp


    Did you also try the standard debugging steps?

    1. check your browser’s console
    2. turn on WP_DEBUG and check the logs
    3. switch themes momentarily
    4. remove bp-custom.php

    The database is for data, not code.
    There may be a ‘bad’ setting in the options table, but you’ll have to find it; maybe something about avatars or BP.



    what is the face slap emoji ?

    I have torn my site apart — reinstalling, deleting, researching, database row by row, 20 different SQL searches… completely and utterly defeated… I finally come to the conclusion that despite the site crashing during some settings changes, that maybe this isn’t really a conflict/data corruption buddypress issue… its a wordpress issue… so simple… it is hard to admit

    Admin > Settings > Discussion > Show Avatars
    (who knew ‘show avatars’ unchecked would remove the profile photo editor completely)


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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