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Styles not working on Member and Group pages.

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  • You might want to force refresh your browser because the CSS is working fine when viewing all those pages for me.




    Do you mean that your home page style isn’t showing up in the members and groups pages, i.e., you are still seeing the “Social Networking” logo and the orange, rather than your green theme? That you want those pages to match your home page theme?

    If that’s what you’re concerned about, you have to change your CSS in a different place for those areas. They aren’t controlled by the same CSS that manages the main page of your Buddypress installation.

    Your CSS for the groups and member pages are in the wp-content/bpthemes/bpmember folder. Your logo (logo.gif) is in the bpmember/images folder.

    Make your changes there just as you did with your base.css for your bphome theme and you should be good to go.



    I just wanted to state that if I put my own css styles for the html and body tags here:


    they are not used within the members and groups areas like Jason states but weirdly the actual profile subdirectory area takes not of my custom.css

    To fix this for now I have removed the css styles for the html and body tagsfrom the base.css but I would appreciate if anyone else had noticed this and understands why these areas don’t overwite ALL of the base.css to post some clarifcations.



Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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