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Styling widgets!

  • Hi guys!

    Hope you can help me! :)

    The problem is that buddypress plugin’s widgets are using the same class as regular widgets and I want to change that – I want to style them differently!

    I found that the widget code is in the bp-core-widgets.php and I think it gives the class to the widget is this line:

    class BP_Core_Whos_Online_Widget extends WP_Widget

    (I only think that this is the line – I don’t know PHP)

    So how to give the widget my own class?

    Tnx! ALOT!

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  • nit3watch


    You should be able to edit your sidebar.php in your child theme and change the ‘standard divs’ to your custom divs/css.

    Had a look at some of the theme’s im using and really cant give you an example as it wouldn’t make sense. Also try looking in your functions.php as you could also play around with divs/css.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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