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subdomain help

  • Kunal17


    I have WPMU/Buddypress installed on an addon domain on my Hostgator buddy account. However the DNS provider is Godaddy. To enable wildcard subdomains I added an A record to Godaddy (* MYIP 1 hour). Earlier when I tried to click on a user created blog (Blog1), it would goto and show a page not found error. Since creating the A record, it shows a directory structure with cgi-bin as the only directory.

    How do I find out:

    1) If the problem is with my DNS provider, host, the fact that it is an add on domain and not the main domain or some issue with the buddypress install?

    2) Where this directory actually resides (if i click to browser cgi-bin, it tells me permission denied.

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  • Aaargh. This is nothing to do with buddyPress. The installation instructions say to check you have a fully working install of WPMU before installing buddypress. Obviously you didn’t.

    Therefore a more appropiate place is the WPMU forum or website for this question. However: you need wildcard domains like you’ve said. Your webserver also needs to be configured to support such a thing. In Apache httpd, this is called a “virtualhost.”. Talk to your host.



    You’ve posted this on another thread as well. wpmu forum is where you should ask these kind of questions.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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