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Subdomain installation without nested subdomain member sites

  • pixieblitz


    I’m trying to set up a multisite network that has a members area, and where members can also create their own sites on the network. I’ve set up as the BP_ROOT_BLOG and the registrations there work fine. My only problem is that if someone signs up for a new site while registering, they end up with as their site… and I would like it to just be

    Any idea how to implement this? I could just take out the new site registration option from the sign up form, and instruct new members to add sites after sign up by just navigating to the subdomain they might want or by providing a link to “” somewhere.

    .. But is there any way to define the parent site for all new sites as, with no exceptions? I don’t want registrations such as to be allowed at all. And I’d love if the default buddypress registration form could automatically allow new sites to be created under the main blog.

    I hope I haven’t created some weird tangled monster… And hopefully I’m just missing something easy?

    Thanks for any help!

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