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Submit button hidden on activity page unless text box clicked

  • cachinate


    WordPress 5.2.2
    theme: Masonry Hub
    BuddyPress and MediaPress are the plugins being used;

    Problem: I am trying to move the “Submit Post” & “Cancel” buttons on the activity page OUT of the textbox because I need them to be shown at all times WITHOUT activating the textbox, this is so people can just click the picture icon to attach a picture with no words and click submit. Check these pictures to get a further understanding!

    Possible solution:
    I’ve looked into mpp.js to trigger the textbox activation when the picture icon is clicked (I know where to put the code to trigger the activation, but I dont know what code snippets I need from: buddypress-activity-post-form.min.js to do it)

    Override the CSS and force it out be outside of the textbox activation which is what I’d like.

    I’ve spent hours digging at this and haven’t gotten much besides whats above, any help is greatly appreciated!!

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