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Substitute username for displayname

  • Erwin Gerrits


    I’m bumping up my question:

    I need to substitute, sitewide, the user’s username for the display name. I have an option in the profile to keep the name private, and so, in the Activity Stream and when postig on user’s Wire, the entry lists the user’s Display Name and I need to swap that out for the user’s username (login name) if set to private.

    I figured out I need to put a filter on bp_core_get_displayname() but that seems to work for the first part of the activity stream, but not the second (for activities listing TWO usernames, like friendships), like so:

    (dn = display name, un = username)

    Normal Friend entry for Activity Stream:

    [dn] is now friends with [dn]

    When privacy set to both and filter added to bp_core_get_displayname():

    [un] is now friends with [dn]

    I can’t find the code where the Activity stream gets the displayname for the “Friendee”…

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