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Suggestion: Basic Coding Tutorials

  • We all know the codex needs updating and some of us know keeping it up to date is like rewiring your house without turning off the power. Anyway, when the good people at BP get around to it I think they should include some basic coding tutorials. Things like how to use tools like Firebug to fix/adjust css etc. along with other basics.

    As you know there is a flood of questions by users everyday that can be solved easily with a little basic knowledge. Of course few of these people will ever read those first, but at least you can just paste a link instead of wasting time answering the same basic questions over and over. When 1.7 rolls out I believe this problem will only increase as BP becomes more popular. It’s better to teach them to fish than keep buying them lunch.

    Perhaps you should bring in some contributing writers to the blog to write some tutorials. There are a lot of talented people here that are writing these type of articles for their own site. I think it would be good if you tapped into that.

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  • Tutorials abound all over the net for basic coding, users that are seriously interested in learning how to code a little only have to do a simple google search. The BP Codex should really be kept for guides and instruction specific to BP, resources not watered down offering basic coding instruction.

    Of course they can and should be Googling that stuff, but we both know that is rarely the issue. The goal isn’t to educate the masses. The goal is to reduce the time it takes to answer those people by just posting a link.

    For example. Someone recently asked how to change the color of the buttons. Yes they need to know how to adjust BP css, but they also need to know how to use tools like Firebug etc. Perhaps some feel the second part is beyond the scope of these forums (and I tend to agree), but the goal is to reduce the time it takes to reply to each. By providing them with links to non-BP tutorials it would reduce the amount of follow up questions.

    As BP is made easier to develop you will be getting a lot more questions by people that don’t even know what css stands for. You have one of two choices, either try and help the helpless or turn them away frustrated by their ignorance.

    You are going to have to deal with these issues as BP turns from being a a plugin mostly for developers into more of a consumer assessable plugin.


    @FIQ How do you come to the conclusion that BuddyPress is a plugin mostly for developers? Its social networking in a box just like it says. It works fine out of the box for most uses and has plenty of plugins available for extendability. I agree with @hnla. There is plenty of resources all over the net like for coding instruction. If they need customization beyond the default package they have two choices and they are learn to walk before you run meaning learn to code yourself, or hire a developer to do the work. Just my opinion! :-)

    @shawn38 I was talking about the forums are mostly for developers. If BP wants to be used by everyone, this site should at least try and to be patient with them. One of the biggest things lacking with the BP project is a little salesmanship. If you can help someone what does it matter if it is “beyond the scope of the default package?”


    @fiq I have to disagree. There has been plenty of occasions where non-developers pass down knowledge they have got from forum post to there support questions by non-developers as well as developers. If anyone has a solution to help someone out on the forum then by all means take the initiative to help. It doesn’t mean you have to be a developer to have a solution that was answered previously. It also doesn’t mean others won’t post a more practical solution. Basically what I am saying is most folks do a good job of paying it forward on the forum.

    @shawn38 Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that people are not paying it forward. Quite the opposite. The point of this was to suggest ways to help developers save time when replying.

    The part about these forums being “mainly” for developers wasn’t implying anything, it was just stating a fact. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. My only point was to have a place to direct them to for FAQ that may not be BP related. :)


    @FIQ The threads are answered without obligation by anyone. Not everyone’s topic will get answered either. Its not anyone’s responsibility here to baby sit someone through learning coding which is beyond the scope of what the forum and codex is about. Honestly can you imagine trying to sift through all of that info when all you really want to know is BuddyPress specific info. It would cause more chaos than being helpful. If you want to point someone into coding instruction then copy the URL for this thread and paste it on their topic. I already supplied a link for one of the best sources available on this thread.

    @shawn38 I’m sorry you believe nurturing inexperienced users is babysitting and don’t believe BP is capable or organizing content. You are correct when you say you are under no obligation. So why are you apposed to it if you are under no obligation to participate?


    @fiq Really this topic needs to be locked because it is not conducive to anything but negativity! @mercime @hnla

    Just the negativity you brought to it.


    I am not negative. I am simply stating you should be more proactive in your endeavor instead of expecting others to do it.

    No I’m not going to invoke the ‘Nazis’ rule on the thread, it not necessarily negative, and closing threads too easily smacks of censorship. :)

    @FIQ I have to say I think you are entirely wrong in your view that the forum is geared towards developers, as nothing could be further from the truth. The forum is geared, as is BP, firmly towards the non code, the fact is that up to now there are aspects of BP that cause much angst for developers – if you scan through the codex it’s main content is not developer focussed but there to guide newbs and non coders, the detail developers require is not really there.

    BP paid an inordinate amount of time to the out of the box experience – too much imho – however it did do that in a pretty effective manner and that suites and suited the non coder, the problem arises where those non coders get the impression that to start customizing the install/experience should be equally as easy as the original install and that notion in seen quite often, when in fact to take BP beyond that which has been offered does require skills be learnt and where it’s not necessarily easy or valid to provide simple solutions on a forum such as this.

    Closing this thread because you two are beginning to attack each other, and because of FIQ’s other forum topic.

    If the thread dissolves into personal criticisms then there is no choice but to invoke ‘Hitler and the Nazis’ and bring things to a close, keep it meaningful and on topic and it can run on.

    I never asked for others to do it. I only asked for the tools to allow myself and others to contribute to it.

    I’m not saying it should be part of the codex. I only mentioned the codex because we all know it’s out of date and I understand why it is. Developers only have 24 hours in a day. What I suggested should be in a separate area. and maybe its not the best idea. I only wanted to start the conversation. The goal was two fold; one to reach out to new users and two reduce the amount of time it takes to reply to them.

    When I setup this system for Amazon customer service we called them blurbs. Basically a standard reply to FAQ. That is what I’m talking about.

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