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Swear Words Filter & Avatar Moderation

  • mazen


    Hello All,

    Awesome community.

    I am just wondering, how come there is no plugins yet for these two super important functions of any community / forum? Most of communities would like to avoid having bad / offensive / swear words on their forums, not to mention offensive avatars.

    Also, with these two there would rise a need for moderating users too, which I think should be BP core embedded, like we have user roles, we should be able to deactivate users too. Not just delete them.

    Any light on the subject / news on development on these two plugins? Donation requests? :)


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  • rossagrant


    The webpurify plugin is currently in the process of being made BP compatible and should be out in the next 2 weeks I have been told. It’s a great plugin to stop bad language and any other terms you want to stop being said in your forums but does have a cost associated with it. Check it out on the webpurify website.



    @rossagrant thanks a lot, awesome stuff :)



    I have not tested it yet – and not sure if it is even functioning – but it is in active development –
    may want to see if that helps you out at all..
    I think functionality for bp documents uploads has been suggested, and avatar issues would certainly make a good add on, along with bp-albums support.
    not sure if all of those have been suggested in the moderation plugin group yet.

    The BP Bad Word Filter plugin is available here:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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