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Tablepress (plugin) shortcode in custom BP groups tab.

  • adamfratino


    Hi all, enjoying BP very much, still learning. My question is a bit specific, but I was hoping someone could at least point me in the right direction if there is an actual solution available.

    Current WP (3.5.2) and BP (1.7), current Tablepress plugin. I was hoping to create a custom tab within a groups page that will display a Tablepress table using their shortcode. Example of Tablepress table here:

    Sorry if this belongs on the Tablepress forums, but I figured I could ask here since my question could be asked for most any plugin’s shortcode.

    Basically, wondering if it’s possible to embed plugin shortcode within a BP group tab either by editing the core or with additional plugins.

    Still new to BP and not an expert in PHP or WordPress customization, any and all beginner-friendly advice is appreciated.

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