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Tags In Activity Feed Posts

  • Dear Buddypress team and users:

    From what I understand, BP exists because of a few plugins and themes were bundled up together to create a one-click social network style WP site. Or something like that.
    One of the themes that supposedly inspired BP was Automattic’s P2 theme. That theme rocks, but of course isn’t as feature rich as BP. But one feature P2 does have is the ability to tag status updates. This is desperately needed in BP!
    If BP had the ability to tag status updates, the activity feed and groups could ideally replace the need for a forum. It would be so easy to organize posts and activity content. Long sotry short, BP needs tags!
    Please BP team, please add the ability to tag status updates. The code is already there for you. Please just incorporate it from the P2 theme or something.

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  • Along with tags for status updates, having the ability to select a group to post in from a dropdown box would be useful too.

    Which leads to another thought. BP is too confusing. Groups, Activity Feed, Forum, etc. It doesn’t have to be so convoluted. This is why 9.9/10 BP sites are unsuccessful. It’s exciting to build it at first, only to realize that users don’t have a pleasant experience navigating the mess (and spam) and never return. Why not build the platform around the Activity Feed and Groups?

    I’m not alone with this:

    But it shouldn’t be a plugin when P2 already has this ability built in…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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