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Taxonomies and XProfile CFT check boxes

  • ChiefAlchemist


    Hello BP’ers

    I’m a BP n00b so please bear with me. Thanks.

    Two things: one question and one comment / “bug”:

    => Question: Is there way to use a taxonomy – instead of a WP PT / CPT- to create the profile checkbox list? (e.g., Which of these do you like? Please check all) In short, we have content that’s is bucketed (i.e., assign taxonomies) and we want to use the same taxonomies in the profile so it’s easy to associate the right content to the right users (as based on a common taxonomy)?

    Note 1: We’re doing this current via a custom profile page but we’d prefer to shift over to BP + XProfile ’cause, well, um, it just makes damn good sense 🙂

    Note @: I suppose I could dump / maintain a mirror of the taxonomy to a non-public CPT. However…

    => “Bug” – Again, I’m a n00b so perhaps I’ve missed something here, but looks to me that the checkbox label is also used as its value. Is that correct?

    Perhaps I shouldn’t say this but that’s “risky” (read: not exactly a great DB practice). For example, let’s say the label gets redefined from Mum to Mom. That means – best I can tell based on a couple quick tests – that anyone who checked Mum will have to go back and recheck Mom. Because the label and the value are one in the same, yes?

    Is there a way – even via code – to set the value separate from the “label” (i.e., the bit next to the checkbox that the public reads)? If I can do it with code then I can just grab the taxonomy and jam it in. Else, I’m gonna have to do something with the “labels” and there’s (always) a chance that those will be modified.

    => I’m scanning the XProfile repo on GitHub, maybe I need to create my own custom field type? If that’s the case, any links on doing so would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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