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Template Pack Inquiry

  • David_1


    Hello Friends,

    After much reading I have a better understanding of BP, but could use some guidance on installing BP.

    Briefly; I am using a child of Twentyeleven.
    Since BP enables me to keep and use my child, I would like to take advantage of the community aspects of BP (only).

    I have installed and Activated BP version 1.8, but have not yet set it as the >Theme >>Appearances.
    Reason being that I am looking for the lightest, (admittedly – the easiest) method of adding only what I need from BP, to my twentyeleven child.

    I understand there was a version of BuddyPress Template Pack.
    I have searched for this but have only come up with this link:

    Q. Is there an updated BuddyPress Template Pack, (perhaps under a new name)?
    Or has it, (or its smooth integration method with child themes (such as in my case twenty eleven) integration been re-placed by a newer method?

    Thank you in advance for your help and your time.

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