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Tersus – BuddyPress Theme Compatibility issue with subpages only

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  • Your BP version is outdated by four point releases you should be on a minimum version of 1.6.5 – it’s important to keep abreast of releases if only from a security point of view.

    If in dev stages I would advise you actually install 1.7 RC1 and make use of theme compatibility it brings to the table and if having gone through the template pack process removing those files.

    There are guides in the codex to working with 1.7.

    It’s actually not obvious what your issues are. With this sort of question it’s actually important to briefly describe the issues as well as simply providing links as useful as they are.

    They don’t show up correctly, the CSS or the design is degraded.

    ‘correctly’ can be a matter of opinion as can ‘design degraded’ you need to be technically specific.



    Hi Hugo,

    Thanks for your reply. I’m trying that. I’ve also noticed i had to upgrade my wordpress version.


    After a quick look it’s clear this theme is fairly complex and integrates a number of plugins BP being one, so in theory this is a BP compatible theme; for issue therefore with this you really need to direct them to the authors on their support forum:




    What i mean by “They don’t show up correctly, the CSS or the design is degraded.” is that these pages have lost the original theme CSS/design.

    See the theme design

    See how it shows up within directory buddypress pages:

    The theme colors have disappeared.

    @epatrick Your last post crossed with mine probably. With these sorts of issues you need to contact the theme authors really.



    OK. The thing is The Northvantage doesn’t provide support for buddypress related issues, that’s why i came here actually.

    @epatrick Sorry that’s not an acceptable position for them to take, they provide a theme that is BP ready and as that theme, as I have said, looks fairly complex there is likely a level of knowledge required of the theme and how it works in order to effect changes at the least I would expect them to have a look after all it may be as simple as adjusting a few rules in the BP styles they keep in their custom folder?

    Just to illustrate why it’s NOT a BP issue.

    You are missing a series of styles that are getting generated and injected into the head of each page (not a good approach but hey ho)
    e.g. .skinset-menu{}

    Now quite why these styles are not getting added to actual single groups although they are to the parent directory is a question only the theme authors can answer.

    it’s their theme and their approach to applying their styles and functions, as to why their approach doesn’t work on the group single views is only something that can be understood by de-constructing the theme as we and BP have no knowledge of that it’s next to impossible to help, thus it IS their duty to help or guide you, perhaps a setting you’ve missed in the backend?

    I don’t mean this to sound unhelpful on our part but just trying to point out the issues from our perspective.



    Ok. I see. Thank you Hugo.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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