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Modify auto-generated register page

  • Eugen Stolin


    I use latest versions of WordPress, BuddyPress and WP-FB-Autoconnect plugin. It works fine. User can register and login with their Facebook credentials. My problem is the auto-generated Buddypress register page. Basically I have two different user-stories. At this moment I haven’t decide for which one to go.

    1. Allow registering only with Facebook credentials.
    2. Allow both and give a choice on the register page – Facebook or form.

    My question is how I can modify the register page. I guess I need to create a bp-custom.php and ad a filter. WP-FB-Autoconnect has a function jfb_output_facebook_btn() which can be used.

    Thanks in advance

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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