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Bottom front page? displaying ad blocks?

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    Not Valid


    First of all, thanks for BuddyPress

    I have few questions though:

    1) How can I get same front page as at

    I understand that I can set what to show as the front page in settings/reading, but it doesn’t look like login page anyway… if I chane my settings, it takes me to my personal blog :(

    I need to set everything up and get it going ASAP

    2) I want to show ads on the site.

    But can’t figure how and there I can put them in the layout… Any advice?

    Finally,could you let me know please when is the first realize approx.? I know that it’s going to be in the end of the year, but cant check time schedule, because google thinks I’m a Thai coz’ I live in Thailand… I mean, I like everything about BP as I’m an old fan of WP and in need of a social network, but if its still a long way to go, I’d have to consider other options.

    Thanks a lot,


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    Andy Peatling


    Update to the latest in trunk and it should work for you.

    To add ad blocks, you could use text widgets to display ad HTML I think?

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