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Text box not working correct for users

  • worldbettas


    Wordpress 5.0
    Current BP as of 12/10/2018


    So my question is that when a user try’s to add a group or update their info or type in any of the field boxes the text is white and the current box it white also and you can not see what you are typing. If you type it will add the typing but you can not see it till you go to the next box and the box returns to the sites theme box color. Not sure if I made this understandable.
    But, type can not be seen but is working, to see it you need to move to the next box so the box goes back to the color it was before you started to type in the box. So either need to make the text visible or change the box color so the white text shows up in the white box 🙂 Hope I made this understandable as I am not a programmer. 😉

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