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The post has disappeared. Please help me.

  • kminetbin


    Several members’ past posts (activity streams) have disappeared.

    Some posts have disappeared, but other posts are normally exposed.

    The disappearance time is random, and missing posts can not be found in wp_bp_activity in the database too.

    The version and plugin I am using are shown below.


    WordPress ver: 4.8.1
    Buddypress ver: 2.8.2

    Using plugin:
    1) Theme default plugin
    Buddypress, rtmedia, visualcomposer, knowlege-base, contactform-7

    2) Cache plugin
    W3tc, speed booster, remove query-, smush

    3) Security plugin
    Wordfence, hide my wp

    4) deleted plugins
    : This plugin has had a problem blocking our members so that has been removed.


    It is not easy to check by disabling plugins one by one because the site is active.

    I can not find evidence anywhere. Which one should be checked?

    I need help from a professional…
    Please help me…

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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