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the tender Playground

  • kubaslexus


    Hi, please tell me is it possible for buddypress to do the tender area.
    there will be 2 types of users customers and suppliers
    the blog format reminds the customer fills out the form and she flies to a common base
    there, all registered users can view and filter the current proposals and suggest your own pictures
    in the personal Cabinet accordingly the customer will be able to see their bids and the responses to them. the way I see it in the response should reflect information about potential suppliers which is synced from their questionnaires they fill in at registration

    each individual lot call it so (in total there are two categories of mirrors and lamps) has no price, that price is formed by the proposals of potential contractors. on the page with all the proposals should reflect the lowest price. in the personal area the customer will see all offers
    is it possible to do with buddypress?

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