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Theme crash on updating to latest BuddyPress plugin

  • richardpd


    Over a week ago now I updated to latest BuddyPress plugin version & my theme format disappeared.
    See my WordPress blog @

    This is the error message:
    Fatal error: Class ‘BBP_Theme_Compat’ not found in /home//public_html/ on line 32

    I thought it might have been a bbPress plugin problem as I updated to the latest plugin version of bbPress at the same time. It doesn’t seem to be a bbPress issue but a BuddyPress one-see

    I am most grateful for help to fix my WP site theme format & look forward to helpful replies-thanks

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  • BBP_Theme_Compat is provided by bbPress.



    Did you check the link I gave?
    Here is the post from that link:
    “Not a bbPress problem. Looks like your theme is a child theme of BuddyPress’s bp-default, and it uses hardcoded relative paths in its @import rules. Any number of things could be going wrong here, but it wasn’t updating bbPress that caused this to happen.”

    This reply is blaming the problem on BuddyPress & not bbPress. Surely both bbPress & BuddyPress should integrate together?
    So whether it was bbPress or BuddyPress plugin update that has caused my theme to lose its format does anyone know how I can fix this please?

    Yes, and I work very closely with John; he’s also the lead developer of BuddyPress. You did not ask John about the BBP_Theme_Compat error message. It’s not a BuddyPress class, so it’s not a BuddyPress problem.

    You have a standard PHP error message. It’s saying it can’t find the BBP_Theme_Compat class, and you’re using it in /themes/animassrdblogbp_kid/functions.php on line 32. You (or whoever built your theme) need to figure out what you’re doing in functions.php that triggers this errors.



    Well I don’t know what has caused my theme format to break-something to do with either the bbPress or BuddyPress plugin update. JJJ doesn’t think it is bbPress and yet you appear to think it is-a bit confusing.When I updated the plugins I got that error message and then I tried to get back to my theme & admin pages by renaming plugins and then ended up with the theme displaying in it’s broken state. Are bbPress & BuddyPress meant to integrate together? I thought they were meant to.
    I would like to figure out what has broken my theme and would appreciate some help with it as of course if I could do it on my own I wouldn’t be posting here and on other forums asking for help!
    Simples really…-can someone please help me fix/restore my theme format? Many thanks

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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