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theme defaults to ‘about’ page

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    I can’t figure this one out and it’s driving me nuts.

    Every single theme that I upload to the themes directory for users is defaulting to the ‘about’ us page instead of the homepage. What is weird is none of the themes I am trying even come with an ‘about’ page built in.

    Even if I hit the ‘home’ button on the themes, I still do not get the homepage.

    In the admin, when I select a theme as a user, I do get the popup and it shows my theme choice homepage complete with my content.

    has anyone run into this before?

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    lol I found it

    It’s under settings/reading/ front page display…

    Somehow I must have changed that at some point.

    I’m sure someone may find this helpful as it was a bugger to track down

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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