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THEME: div#content (bphome) VS. div#main (bp-member)

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    I am customising a test BP site here:

    As I progress, I am noticing some CSS architecture quirks that I thought I’d ask about before doing the work of writing a patch. Namely, in bp-home, the primary content div is called #content and in bp-member, it is called #main. And, because of the way it is applied, the results are inconsitent, even if you get your CSS values to match closely; as evidenced here:


    The red area in members is from … html {background: red;} … in custom.css in bp-home. However, it does not render the same way on the home page at all due to the difference between #content and #main (i think).

    So, my main question is … was this by design? If so, could Andy explain the logic (or point me to the appropriate FAQ/video to do so. If it is a bug, then I’d like to take a crack at cleaning it up and submitting a patch.

    Once cleaned up, I could see a lot of value in pulling all of the color values & branding (logo) out of base.css and into branding.css so folks could quickly rebrand their site with our impacting the structural integrity of the CSS design. This could be native to the theme(s) or, it could work like custom and be there as a branding-sample.css to be activated by renaming to branding.css.

    If folks think this is a valuable addition to the project, I’ll be glad to raise my hand to make it happen.



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  • Jeff Sayre



    I can’t speak to the reason why the CSS was implemented this way, but it may have something to do with the fact that bphome is a default theme which can be replaced with any WordPress theme with a few tweaks here and there. So it follows the standard WP theming protocol.

    The bpmember theme, on the other hand, is unique to the BuddyPress world. As I’m sure you know, you cannot take a standard WP theme and tweak it into a custom BP member theme. Andy created the CSS coding protocols from scratch for BuddyPress member themes. Andy can speak to this more directly–and correct me if my assumptions are wrong!

    I could see a lot of value in pulling all of the color values & branding (logo) out of base.css and into branding.css

    I like this idea a lot!


    Jeff –

    I figured that might be the case. Still, it seems to make sense that basic wrapper (#content) remain the same.


    It’s like this because originally the directories were injected into the currently active WP theme, which resulted in a duplicate #content div.


    So, is this something that could now change for the sake of consistency? If so, I will be happy to take on the work of patching it.

    The only problem is custom CSS created by users for the default themes. Their customizations may rely on the #main div.


    I assume you are talking about existing customizations, not those going forward. While it would mean an extra step for existing customizations when folks upgrade, I think the consistency makes things simpler for everyone in the long run. It is basically a little pain now to eliminate ongoing pain down the road.

    I agree, I would go ahead and see what you can do with it.


    Cool. Will get to work on it and submit a patch or patches when I have something working.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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