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Theme for magazine content plus social network

  • scribbleben



    I have a travel client who needs the following:

    1. A solid platform for publishing and managing content from print magazines (about travel)
    2. An integrated social network for clients, agents and administrators that lets people discuss and share articles and other content objects
    3. Separate social experiences based on user and group (agents and admins can have private discussions about an article that clients can’t see)
    4. Separate front-end experiences based on user and group (for example: clients see an article on a hotel in NYC, agents see pricing details and contact info).

    The theme “Explicit” has some of these features but seems a bit limited.

    Does anyone know of any buddy press themes that come close?

    Our goal is to do a preliminary test using an off the shelf theme, then work with the theme developer to enhance and tailor it to the clients exact needs.

    Thanks for your help

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  • danbp


    hi @scribbleben,

    thought there is no theme who fit a project to 100%. It’s only a tool to show a project. And BuddyPress is only a plugin, which let you handle a user community in a certain way.

    You don’t need a page builder. BP is fully dynamic and WP publishes posts like a champ, so you probably won’t need more than 2 or 3 pages over those effectivly required by BP.

    You don’t need a framework theme if the project is for one client or if you use BP 2 times a year for other clients.

    You don’t need a theme full of bells and whistles, but an utility tool which let your client earn money or live with his community, without spending tons of hours to learn how his bells plant is working or returning to university to doctorate for a whistle diploma.

    I would suggest use 2012 or 2015 during the period you build the project. Find an acceptable compromise between client desire, needed plugins and eventually some custom functions to add. Once that structure is built, you will incorporate it to a theme.

    Your 4 points.

    1) WordPress
    2) BuddyPress
    3) BuddyPress
    4) WordPress and BuddyPress

    So i’ve probably resumed your needs or even what you already did.

    Which theme is the closest ? Almost any, but with 30 000 themes under the hand, it’s not an answer.

    The important thing to know would be your client’s opinion about internet, web sites, ergonomy, personnal surf interrests. Equally, the specifics about hosting, bandwith, maintenance budget, supported device, target usage, and a few other little details which you haven’t listed yet.

    Is this your first BuddyPress experience ?
    If so, perhaps visiting some BP sites online will help you to come nearer about what can be done – independantly of any layout consideration in a first step.

    See Your BuddyPress forum
    or my own showcases here and here (french, european and word site examples).



    Wow! Thanks for the incredibly thorough response.

    This is indeed my first experience with BuddyPress, but not my first wordpress experience. In the past I have always worked with a designer / coder to create a custom experience but on wordpress. But the sophistication of today’s themes trumps what we’ve been doing.

    I do have a question for you. What do you mean by:

    I would suggest use 2012 or 2015 during the period you build the project.






    Hey, that’s a digit geeking speech ! Twenty Twelve and Twenty Fifteen are respectively WordPress default theme. 2015 and 2012 are even faster to write, specially for me.

    Does it make sense ?

    While (i wrote period – but i’m french – it’s not the punctuation, sorry. During the time is more US english) building your project (discussing with your client, your team, dog and what ever…) and WordPress, you need a theme. Default theme has the avantage to “work” with WP and… BuddyPress.
    While struggling with a third party theme is another story which can be handled quietly AFTER your project is near to be completed. Growing step by step.

    Once the foundation is solid enough, in other terms !

    Does it make more sense ?



    Got it! Thanks sooo much 🙂


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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