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  • citybarguide



    The buddypress plugin looks very promising, though I do not have enough knowledge to integrate it in my theme.

    I am trying to merge .php files funtions.php & to follow instructions to align the pages as described in the theme pack (merge page.php with












    Though if I make any changes the theme gets screwed up or the user is redirected to the homepage.

    Any advise how to merge the code from my theme with the buddypress theme without damaging the files?

    Thank you very much,


    ps. my website is but i have the theme deactivated until it works properly.

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  • Tmort


    I think it may be easier for you to create a Child theme based on the bp-default theme, that way any files that you have not directly coded will still be in use.

    For more info you can read this:

    What I did was took the default theme style.css and began to modify it by loading it in a child theme (leave the bp-default where it is, in your child themes css template header call Template:bp-default). Then the need for a custom homepage arose, so I just created one. I did all this and all of the buddypress functionality stayed in place because it was loading from the bp-default – without ever having to re-code every single .php file.

    For you, since you have an existing theme, I would load your stylesheet as a child theme, then modify it to match the bp-default architecture(i.e. #content becomes #container, etc). Then you shouldn’t have to rework every single php page, because your style will load using the buddypress theme structure!

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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