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Theme Help – News / Magazine Style Theme

  • michaeljdornan


    Hi, I’m in desperate need of a news style of magazine style theme for Buddypress to create a news site with an integrated social side…. the only theme I can see is Citizen Kane and to be honest it’s just not up to scratch … I’m looking for something like the Comfy theme although these guys won’t help make that theme buddypress compatible, I’ve also heard studiopress have a plugin than will make any of there themes work with buddypress??

    So, more than happy to pay for a theme or pay for a theme to be converted, need to have the backend bells and whistles to manage the news part of the site, widgets feeding news in from different catagories etc

    My site is a multi site, main buddypress site to also incorporate news and social, and multiple subsites to do the same for different news topics.

    Would also be great to give the rest of the community a good news style theme to use :)

    Thanks for any pointers or help.

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  • Aron Prins


    @michaeljdornan Email me at and i’ll be glad to help you out ;)

    Roger Coathup


    @michaeljdornan – there’s a job board group on this site (not easy to find though!)

    It makes sense to post your requirement there:

    Your costs could vary considerably – from just a few hours work to add basic BuddyPress capabilities to an existing ‘news’ theme (dependent on amount of HTML restructuring, styling), through to several weeks development to build a fully fledged news site with full backend workflow support and tight ‘site function related’ BP integration.

    Having an indicative budget when you add to the jobs board would help.

    If you don’t get it sorted through the job board, feel free to drop me a line.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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