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THEME ISSUE with LDAP Plugin – Simple Question!!!!

  • Hello, I am using the WPMU LDAP plugin and it has an option to disable public sign-up completely (Which is what you want with ldap logins). I do not want anyone to be able to create an account who is not a member of our school district.

    I get this error when I activate the LDAP Disable Public Signup…

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at xxxxxxxxxx/wp-content/themes/buddypress-home/header.php:2) in xxxxxxxxxx/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 856 (This appears in the area of the theme which has the login fields and the “SIGN UP” button.)

    Basically the Buddypress theme is calling a function in the theme with the little “SIGN UP” button that screws up the LDAP plugin which is telling WPMU that there cannot be any signups.

    What File would I need to look at to delete the code that calls the “Sign Up” button? I think this is the root of the problem.

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  • SORRY!!! I did this and the error went away:

    WPMU Admin Options > Allow New Registrations : Disabled.

    WPMU Admin LDAP Options > Disable Public Signup : NO

    What happens now is when a user clicks on the signup button it takes them to the WPMU login page. They login and it uses LDAP. There is no local user account signups as everything appears to be going through the LDAP plugin to authenticate.

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