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Theme issues

  • pscohn


    I have been trying to adapt Buddy Press to my current theme, The Morning After. I have been able to figure out how to make it slightly better but there’s still some issue. Before, it was all messed up with the sidebar in the wrong place and the buddypress section taking up the whole width. I was able to get it to look like this:

    by messing with the DIV column spans. However, you can see that the buddypress section is still too wide. THe total column span is 14, with the sidebar taking three (set at “first”) and the buddypress content taking up seven, set at “last”. This set up has worked perfectly on every other page , but with the buddpress pages, the content is too wide and irregular. And for some reason, different parts of the content have different widths, like that line below RSS seems to go to far to the left, while the parts above go to far too the right. It should have a nice pad all around, such as:

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

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