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Theming & layout help

  • johnjf


    I’m new to buddy press and I’m building a simple 2 column layout. I was wondering what would be the best way to go about creating a theme that will work with buddypress? So far I’ve tried the bp compatible plugin but my problem is when I go to view my profile it overlaps the logo and doesn’t show up in the right where the content should belong. Here is an image of what my layout looks like.

    Would creating a child theme, using the bp compatible plugin or creating it from scratch work best? Which one do you think would be a good way of going about creating my site to work with buddypress?

    When editing the profile layout to work with my layout, do I have to go into the main buddypress files and handcode it to work with my layout and fix the css?

    I’m lost and not sure on what would be the easiest way of doing this.

    Thank you and hope someone can help.

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  • johnjf


    Can anyone help me please????? This is getting frustrating, Everything in the profile such as activity feed, etc isn’t appearing properly in my right column. It also make my main navigation go from left to right to right to left. Why is this so complicated to create a new website using buddypress…

    Hugo Ashmore


    Actually it isn’t difficult to create a custom site which incorporates BP but it does depend- as with any site development – WP or otherwise – on your coding abilities and experience.
    Simplest approach is to copy all the BP theme files to your custom theme, then modify the markup to match your theme markup, then deside if you want to run your theme as a child of BP in which case you pick up the various enqueued styles/scripts or run as standalone and use your functions file to locate the bp script files and either create your own CSS from scratch or load BP styles and add your own to overwrite BP styles where necessary – have a look at the BP functions file to understand what options you have and how you can override the functions in there by stating them in your functions file.

    Alternatively wait for BP 1.7 to drop which will b a lot easier for you to deal with probably as it’s theme files are /will be designed to inject into standard WP files such as page.php so will automatically have your themes major markup structure.

    P.S it’s the weekend, responses are going to be slower, also the general rule is to please wait 24 hours before bumping posts.



    Thanks for the help, greatly appreciated.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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