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There HAS to be a way! Notifying members of private group of activity IN group!

  • songdove


    I don’t understand why this isn’t a thing! I am looking high and low and can’t even find code snippets to make this happen! Why is there no way to notify members of a private group that there is activity going on inside the group?! The closest anyone has come is from WBCom and their groups notification plugin, but there are multiple people claiming whenever a notification comes from a private group, the link leads to a blank page and it doesn’t seem to have been fixed. I removed the plugin because I couldn’t get it to generate notifications of private group activity to members of the private group.

    I don’t want the activity public to non-members of the group, but anyone who is a member of the group should be told about activity in the group!

    EDIT: email notifications don’t count. This needs to be in-site, like most other notifications.
    Has anyone here figured this out???

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