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There were no groups found.

  • LPH2005


    I have an installation deteriorating quickly. Almost everything worked except uploading of avatars. Despite changing permissions and owners and pulling out all of my hair – I couldn’t get it to work. Therefore, I renamed the subdirectory that WP was in and uploaded files from a known working site. Again, this failed. In fact, the database went even more nuts. Finally, I went with a brand new database, uploaded new files, imported in postings from the original database and almost had things working.

    Now, I still cannot upload avatars – but worse – I get the error “There were no groups found.” – despite putting three groups into the database and trying three times to create groups. Interestingly, if you go to the activity it says … LPH just created three groups.


    I found only one thread and there was no solution. Any hints on where to look?

    Site URL:

    WP 3.0 beta 1
    BP 1.3 svn

    Again – these are files from a known working site.

    Thank you for any suggestions.

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  • LPH2005


    I ended up removing buddypress and the site loads fine and things upload properly. As soon as I activate the plugin then I cannot upload. There must be a setting somewhere that is causing a problem.

    Svn trunk isn’t guaranteed to be fully working or stable. I’d suggest switching to the 1.2 branch if you want something newer than 1.2.3.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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