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TheShiftMob – Crowd sourcing volunteer opportunities

  • jeremyltn


    Totally custom theme and components

    “The Shift Mob is a resource for enthusiastic individuals looking for ways to show off their talents and make a difference. This is not a job or volunteer search engine. The Shift Mob is a place where individuals compete to take part in very short-term projects called shifts. In a nut shell, organizations post shifts, the dedicated team at the Shift Mob weeds out the boring stuff, and shifters are given the opportunity to compete for incredible opportunities by getting their friends to vote for them. This is a place for you to build your resume, learn about specific fields, volunteer and make a difference. We believe that big changes can happen in a very short amount of time, whether it’s through volunteering, design, research or creating a website. Because you’re all about making shift happen.”

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  • Xevo


    Your theme colors made my eyes hurt..

    Sounds like an interesting project though, nicely done. :)

    Btw, isn’t it just called a portfolio website..?

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