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Think Ive found a bug in 1.6.3 but could others test to confirm it?

  • rossagrant


    Hey guys!

    I often edit ctivity stream items on my site as sometimes people sign up with spelling mistakes in names, no capital letters etc, and it has always worked great.

    Since upgrading to 1.6.3 yesterday I noticed a bug today. Now I can’t categorically say it wasn’t there in 1.6.2 as I may not have edited a bbpress activity item before.

    I’ve noticed this today on a bbpress forum activity item, but it may still be prevalent on other items.

    Here’s what you do:

    1. Post a new forum reply or topic. WRITE A GOOD FEW LINES OF TEXT TO SEE THIS ISSUE AT IT’S WORST.
    2. Go into the backend and click on the activity tab.
    3. Find the activity item you just made and click on edit.
    4. You don’t actually need to edit anything (although you can)… just click update.
    5. Return to the activity stream and you’ll see it is now a squished up mess (in themes other than Bp-Default which doesn’t put containers around the item (maybe due to fluid nature).
    Safari displays it the worst in any theme that does style the entries.

    NOW If you click on the time stamp next to the item where it says how long ago it was posted, it no longer takes you to the actual post in the thread, it takes you off to a single view.
    No idea why this is screwing up.


    For now, here is how it is resolved.

    – Visit the post in the forum and click trash. This will unpublish the post.
    – Click restore on the post now it is red.
    – The post is republshed and the stream item is recreated normally as it was in the first place.

    Editing this will again cause the issue and the cycle continues.

    BP-Default isn’t affected layout wise by this, but that time stamp link still is.

    Give it a test and see what you think!

    Could this be BP/ BBPress or both?

    Let me know!

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