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Thinking, before loading?

  • Most the the BuddyPress sites i visited weren’t slow but also not as fast as i expect WP to be.

    WordPress is just very solid and when you care a lot about browser request and stuff like that you can run most WP websites without Super Cache plugins but BuddyPress is different..

    Look at my stats , this is a clean install and for some reason BuddyPress waits almost 2sec. before it starts loading content.. Why is this happening?

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  • Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

    Is it just they way it’s coded? Because i can’t find why WordPress or BuddyPress is not loading from the start but always waits a little while and after that it loads the site.

    I’ve enabled Gzip, Minify, (JS-/CSS) Cache, only 2 Grav’s on page, and optimized my Database but still i can’t get it underneath 1.4.seconds to load

    I know this sounds crazy because 1.4 seconds is very nice the only problems is that 1.4S isn’t the loading time 70% of this 1.4S is just waiting to get started with loading.

    Strange i can’t find it and solve it.

    It’s waiting for a response from the server. It could be the web server, or the database, or some unusual slowdown in a persistent caching layer.

    How many members do you have on your site? I see you’re loading the member directory.

    Based on my experience, I suggest this is likely to be the database. Log into mysql on the database via a terminal, and do a ‘show processlist;’ while loading the page in your web browser. See if you get one database query taking that amount of time.
    Or, see if anything’s gone into MySQL’s slow query log if you have that enabled.

    It’s still local on my computer running on MAMP, fresh install, one blog post, one comment, 2 members, one group and one forum topic.

    I will try tomorrow on a Live server maybe that works better. I’m very new with BuddyPress just before building an entire site on top of it i would like to know if i can get the same speeds and stability as WP is giving me.
    Else i’m maybe doing a lot of work while it’s useless.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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