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Thoughts on building a community

  • bareguys


    Hi guys.

    I have a wp/bp installation on a site with a bit over 400 members, building a community.

    As of now I have some concern on how to engage activity on the site. I have set up the site so taht members can both start groups and I also have bbpress installed so there are quite a few forums as well.

    Do you guys have any tips on how to engage activity and engage users. I as admin post regularely to give to the community. is it a bit over the top with both groups and forums. is it an idea to just have one or the other to concentrate the interaction?

    I have also the activity feed on the front page with widgets showing latest group actions, forum topics and latest galleries.

    The site is xx rated so I wont supply a link.

    Any thoughts or tips would be appreciated.

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