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Three issues with 1.5

  • Briefly, a fresh site and bp install, compatible theme,

    1 BP Group Organizer plugin appears to work correctly but cannnot put any forum thread onto any group that is created with this plugin. Creating groups directly works ok.

    2 New external registrations (i.e. not test registrations from admin) do not show up in members list, only in activity list.

    3 New registrations are not getting a discreet avatar, only the gravatar default set in WP, has this been dropped from 1.5?

    site at

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  • I meant, discrete, of course…. darn it

    The gravatar choice is controlled by WordPress’ main option. I think this is on the Reading page of the Appearance wp-admin menu.

    I’ve turned on gravatars on the default WordPress main but still no gravatars shows.



    I have the same problem with BP Group Organizer not creating a forum-compatible group that will allow the creation of a New Topic in Forum. Rather than delete and re-create the group, as I saw suggested on another site (a pain for a lot of groups), I may have stumbled upon a trick which I hope is fixing the group properly. My knowledge of the inner workings of anything web is very rudimentary, so I would like some confirmation on the robustness of this fix from someone who knows how to check these things out.

    The process: Go to your site, logged in as an admin for the group>Enter the group>Click on Admin>Click on Settings>Click on Save Changes. Now, when I create a New Topic, it works, and I get the green-band success message!

    Again, I am hoping that someone can confirm this before anyone puts a lot of time into “fixing” broken groups with this procedure.



    Does anyone know if bp group organizer is being updated for bp 1.5.1? If so, is there a date in mind for when it will be ready?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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