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Three little bugs?

  • I saw with RC2 – and before – three little bugs. As far as I am concerned, but are you experiencing the same?

    1. Profile field “Pulldown” – could it be, that it is limited to 15 entries. When I try to add more, it just says Nr. 15 and deletes the 15th that was there. I guess that shouldn’t be

    2. Profile field “Date-Selector” acts VERY WEIRD (I tried that on two differnet installs). When I select my birthday 27.December 1976 it just deletes the field content. Some dates work (somewhere around 3 April 1991), some don’t, sometimes day, or month or year works/or not. STRANGE….! Try it! :-)

    3. Admin-Message. In the Options I can trun Emails on or off for Admin-Messages. BUT – as far as I experience – there are no Emails sent. It just makes the blueish thing in the message In-Box. I guess there should a EMail go out. Right?

    Thanks for your testing and feedback (or even solution for me???)

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  • nicolagreco


    the third one is not a bug,

    admin-message will appear to each users as a notice in Messages

    Yes – it’s just, that there is a option to turn mails for that on and off. So I thought it should send a mail (what would be nice :-)). But thanks.

    Any other experience with the other “bugs”?

    Ok – I just updated to 1.0

    Point Nr.2 seems still to be a bug. Could you please try it and give me some feedback (either I am crazy, it’s my install or it’s a BP-Bug…


    Point Nr. 1 seems to be solved (although it still seems that 15 is a “border” – it writes to times 15, but now it goes on)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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