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THRIVE Creative Student Network

  • jamescooke


    I am currently setting up a collaboration network for my University and am in need of some advice. Here is a summary of the features I need to develop:

    Facebook Connect/Login – Fetching Profile Pic, University, Personal Details,

    User Profiles – A showcase for people’s work including:
    – Facebook Content – Photos, Videos (Imported from pages?)
    – YouTube
    – Flickr
    – Twitter
    – And others

    Group Categories – tagged by people’s interests, so that people can easily find groups they are interested

    MailChimp Integration – Signup to the mailing list on registration, New posts sent out be mail to users

    Calendar – With Facebook Event Importing

    I have a working level of php/html/css knowledge but haven’t really done much in the way of writing my own bp code yet.

    Do you think this is an achievable project for one person to take on over a few months with buddypress and would you recommend coding the features myself, or are there good plugins/widgets for each feature?

    I have found a lot of buggy plugins and plugins that come at a premium price.

    Any help/potential hindsight would be much appreciated.

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