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thumbs, medium, large, full size => help

  • enlightenmental1


    this is not a completely a buddypress support question…. but please bare with me

    more wordpress / wpmu, but I’ve looked for help in the wordpress/wpmu irc chat rooms and there’s not much help there…

    wordpress media uploads a thumb, medium, large and full size image…. the full size image seems worthless, and kills the users allowed blog space.

    is there a way to destroy the full size?

    would that break things that depend on the full size image?

    if the full size image is “not found” will it just use the large image?

    any advice is appreciated

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  • never really tried this but you might be able to get rid of it by setting that specific avatar class to “display: none” in your stylesheet. it’s a bit late over here, so my brain’s half fried, but go ahead and give it a whirl

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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