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Time delay for posts, comments, and notifications

  • pixieblitz


    Hi! I’m trying to set up a network with a twist and I’d really appreciate any pointers 🙂

    I want everything anyone posts/comments/stars/etc on the site to remain invisible at first. I’m still on the fence between:

    1) User interactions all become visible X hours after they were initially posted or
    2) User interactions all become visible at the next 8AM localtime that’s at least X hours after the initial post.

    I’m not sure how to implement this thoroughly. My first though was to add child template modifications that check the timestamp and only display the content after the cutoff for each loop, but would this be massively inefficient? And how would I ensure that all email notifications about posts are delayed, but without delaying ALL emails so that password resets and other admin stuff still goes through instantly?

    I hope this makes some sense, and thank you for any ideas or pointers!!!


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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