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Time on my site is off by 5 hours.

  • Mr. Bigsby


    The time on some of my activities (mainly concern is messages) are off by 5 hours.

    tried patching part of the core with that
    and ended up having messages that were sent 40 years ago. Is there an easier way to adjust the time/time zone ?

    *note: the wordpress time zone is correct*

    using latest release + wp 3.0 (but this has been happening since wpmu 2.9.2 and the one right before that)

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  • What about your server timezone?

    Mr. Bigsby


    the server apparently cannot be changed.

    This has been an issue for a while. Time stamps have been, for whatever reasons, rather problematical for BP, one instance occurring in the activity stream was corrected, yet later I too noticed the issue re-surface in sent messages, I did establish all relevant timezones were correct when the issue first manifested so it’s unlikely to be the server timezone at fault but it does need to be ruled out. I thought that there was a ticket on this? But might be imagining it.



    Where is the timezone set? Where in wp-admin? Where in the code? Where in the database? Is there no “master time” setting anywhere that overrides whereever else timezone may be set?




    Did you try General – Settings – Timezone?



    Sure, that is one place. But I still get different times in Sitewide Activity, a jQuery FullCalendar script that works fine in WordPress site without BP, etc.

    I am on customized BP 1.1.3 + WP 3.0, but judging from hnla’s comment the issue has not been fully fixed in the latest versions. Anyway I’m trying to figure out where to fix it, where in the code, where in the database.



    @peterverkooijen I think a patch has already been submitted in Trac and the next version of BP (hopefully next week?) will fix it.



    Here’s the main changeset in BP 1.2 branch that Paul Hastings is referring to:

    Several people have confirmed it works (including myself).

    I should note that there have been other patches since then that JJJ has added, so you might want to just use the updated BP 1.2 branch.

    That changeset is a total reworking of BP time functions as I read things and covers this later ticket which I believe was the final issue hanging around with time offsets.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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