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Time stamp message pages incorrect

  • Regards the time stamp issue that plagued the activity stream in 1.1.2 I was happy that it was corrected with the upgrade to 1.2.1 however now I notice that in fact the very same issue has now developed in the messages page of users.

    Is this known about? It gets a little frustrating especially as I have to keep defending BP to those that I work with who are non technical and view every issue with a deep frown.

    There was this lengthy trac ticket on the issue that seems to be marked as resolved but…

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  • Does anyone else see this issue ?

    At the moment running / 2.9.2

    Specifically viewing a message thread in your account shows the ‘Sent’ time stamp as being out by a good ~ 7 /8 hours

    It is unlikely anything to do with server /WP time settings being out of phase, the main activity stream times are correct.

    The problem does appear to replicate the one that plagued the activity stream prior to 1.2 and corrected by Andy’s code here:

    Really! no comments?

    Feel as though I’m being shunned if I start a new thread :-(

    David Lewis


    Same issue here. My time zone is set correctly (and the same) in my WP options and on my server. Email timestamps are all 4 hours behind.

    rich! @ etiviti


    what version of BP? i had this problem with older versions (1.2.3+ has worked fine)



    David Lewis


    @rich! This is with BP and WP 3.0 beta-2 r14896. My server time is set correctly in WHM and it is also set correctly (and identically) in the WordPress options. Not sure where else I could check? PHP config?

    David Lewis


    Ahh… thanks @r-a-y. I see that this is a known issue. Good to know! Thx.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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