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Timestamping on Forum Threads

  • stwc


    My users have discovered (to their chagrin) that unlike the current forums software we use (Vanilla), the bbpress forums in Buddypress don’t seem to save a date-time for the most recent view of a thread to the database (I haven’t looked yet whether bbpress/BP uses cookies or it’s just left to the browser), which means changing browsers, changing computers, or just clearing history means that all forums threads they’ve viewed reset to being not yet viewed.

    Anyone else care about this? Want to talk about what we could do to make it better, if so? A nice side benefit would be the ability to have things like ‘X posts since last visit’ on threads/forums, which is kind of a core necessity for a good forums experience these days, I reckon.

    (I know some people don’t like to see discussion about whether bbPress-related things should be part of core, but I’ll stick my neck out and ask anyway: should (or could) it be part of core?)

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